Posting An Advertisement For Your Used Goods

allstudyx campus based used items

In today’s time when almost everything is available online on different platforms, it sounds viable to have dedicated websites to sell or buy used goods online. These online exchange platforms for used goods offers a variety of services to its users and offer complete exchange deals to make. You can buy, sell or donate your used goods on these amazing online platforms in some instant and convenient deals.

First to tell making exchanges in used goods is turning as a new trend where used goods are considered no more a taboo and people prefer to make deals in used goods instead of new goods to save money. These online platforms allow its users to make deals in thousand of products to get some instant and reliable deals.

Making transactions on these platforms is very easy and time effective where you need to post an Ad to sell your product and you will get the instant response to your ad post.

One such platform AllstudyX offers some unique services such as campus-based deals, multiple products sell in a single ad post and allow its users to donate things for a better cause.  You can post an ad for free on this platform to sell your multiple used products in easy and time-saving manner.

To post an ad on this platform you need to follow 3 simple steps:

First step ‘Register User’:

This step requires your basic details such as your name, your email id and phone number to communicate further, password to protect your account. You can check the box right if you wish to mention whether your number is available on WhatsApp or not.

You can also decide whether you wish to show your number to buyers or not. Thus, you can hide your number to prevent unwanted calls in that you will get the messages on your email id and on your account on Allstudyx.

Second step ‘College Information’:

Second step is related to the information of your school, college, university or institute. In this step, you need to select your country, state, and city to locate your college and further your college.

This list includes a database of more than 25000 institutions. Even if your college is newly opened or is out of the list you can add your college, school or institution by simply pressing ‘Add college’ button.

Third step ‘Post Ad’:

This is the final step of posting your ad in a simple manner. In this step, you need to mention details of your product which you wish to sell.

Here you need to furnish details of the used product like ad title, here it is recommended to mention ad title as interesting as possible to attract more and more buyers. Next is to name the product you wish to sell along with it price. It is suggested to keep the price practical so that you can attract buyers easily.

Here you need to mention product description in which need to describe the features of the product, next is to select product category & sub-category from drop down list. To facilitate your sale you can post pictures of your used products to get better and instant response for your ad post. It is found in studies ads with pictures get a better response than the ads without it. So you can add some pictures to enhance the probability to close some good deals.

One unique feature provided by this platform is to allow its users to add the multiple products simultaneously to sale in single ad post. You can add more products to sell by simply clicking on ‘Add more item’ button. Thus, you can add more items to sale without making separate entries for separate products which save a lot of your time and efforts.

Once you complete this simple 3 step process to mention your ad details for used products you need to press ‘Submit’ button to register the Ad. Once your ad post gets register with allstudyx you need to verify your number through one time OTP code which is sent by Allstudyx system.

By listing ads for selling products or to search products to buy these online exchange platforms offer some unique facilities to make instant and reliable deals.