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Posting An Advertisement For Your Used Goods

allstudyx campus based used items

In today’s time when almost everything is available online on different platforms, it sounds viable to have dedicated websites to sell or buy used goods online. These online exchange platforms for used goods offers a variety of services to its users and offer complete exchange deals to make. You can buy, sell or donate your used goods on these amazing online platforms in some instant and convenient deals.

First to tell making exchanges in used goods is turning as a new trend where used goods are considered no more a taboo and people prefer to make deals in used goods instead of new goods to save money. These online platforms allow its users to make deals in thousand of products to get some instant and reliable deals. Continue Reading

Allstudyx – Lot To Choose From Online Market

Allstudyx - Online Campus Based Marketplace To Sell or Buy Used Items

Some of the necessities of student life today include laptops to the priority list. Whereas you have the variety of these products available in the market today but aggressive technological changes and heavy price tags put the hold on these products to be in the buying list very often. Thus buying used items online is considered to be a smart opt while you are into school or college life.

The simple idea behind every transaction in used goods related to either budget constraint or change in buying needs where one wants to try all new technologies with a limited budget. Today used goods transactions are surmounting sales records in many sectors. The consumer uses one product for a period of time and shifts to another just to try something new. This change in buying pattern is boosting the sales of used products where nobody shies off using these products or afraid of being an owner of these pre-owned things. Continue Reading

Online Exchange Platforms for Used Goods: Making Life of Student’s Stress-Free

allstudyx online campus based marketplace

We are living in an era where the virtual world is ruling the real world. Say it virtual, digital or online world things have been changed from its very basics while you are transacting or communicating with each other. Gone are the days when you needed to queue up for making a single call(trunk call as it was mentioned) or to do some speed post which used to take two to three days to reach its destination even the message was of utmost urgency. Things have become easy and quick by the time with wide range availability of communication modes and intense work in infrastructure vis-à-vis basic communication system and internet accessibility. In the series of fast pace development online exchange platforms such as OLX, AllstudyX, Quikr is playing a tremendous role in this new age of transactions in used goods. Students are the biggest beneficiaries of these exchanges services as platforms like www.allstudyx.com which is dedicated to students only and is providing student-centric services provides stress-free and quick exchange services to them. Continue Reading

Post Your Multiple Products In A Single Ad – Something Unique From AllstudyX

Post Your Multiple Products in a Single Ad – Something Unique From AllstudyX

Post Your Multiple Products in a Single Ad – Something Unique From AllstudyX

With rising Online’Zation  of everything in professional and personal life things have become more easy and convenient to approach. You buy even vegetables online today and delivery will be at your doorstep. The comfort of buying things online definitely makes sense as due to this you manage to save your money and efforts by the door step delivery system. Going into the market and spend a lot of time to check and negotiate for things has always been a tiresome job to do for anyone. Continue Reading

What Changes Allstudyx Can Make in Student’s Daily Routine or Exchange Behavior?

Allstudyx changes students daily routine

Its broad daylight and the voices are coming continuously to leave bed and get prepare for the classes which is scheduled at 9.00 am meanwhile you already had ‘shut the mouth’ of Alarm clock. You wake up in inertia hoping that you could have more time to slip into the bed again but ‘Nope’ you can’t.

When we discuss daily routine of a student its almost same for everyone, to wake up at eleventh hour, to get prepare in a minutes time, half break-fast or sometimes skipping it expecting it to be into cafeteria, reaching in classes with utmost hurry, attending and sometimes bunking classes, gossip, eat, sports, movies and much more. Continue Reading

Difference Between other exchange website and All Study X

  • At All Study X you can find the person of same needs eg. Suppose you are a student and passed the IInd  year exams, now you want to sell your books  and other study material of IInd year then you  can post an Ad on All Study X website or on All Study X mobile App.  Once your Ad listed on All Study X then the sudent of your college/institute / school who has passed the Ist  year  exam and reached in IInd year  will contact you for the syllabus book of IInd   year and other stduy material according to your posted Ad.
  • By using All Study X you can also help to your junior by providing your unuseable books and study material (notes, study table, laptop, tablet etc. ) in your college/institute/school campus.
  • On All Study X you can list your multiple books and study material  in a single Ad.
  • All Study X is very easiest way to connect senior with junior in college/institue/school campus.
  • By Using All Study X you can also support the Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Continue Reading