11 Best Lessons We Learned From College Life

11 Best Life Lessons We Learned From College Life

We get into college and we pass out of it.

But in between, there are a huge amount of experiences which we learned.

Today we shall be evaluating those experiences which prepare us for the later course of our lives.

Let us dwell upon those college life lessons and see what the hidden surprises are and what they teach us in disguise.


You must Admit.

We are all the part of Mother Nature and the most beautiful thing which has been offered to us by it is “Our Life”.

We are all living our lives being happy or sad.

We have it adventurous or dull.

We can have an approach to live it being either optimistic or pessimistic,…

…But still there is this beautiful thing about life;

It Keeps On Moving.

When a child goes to school and starts to understand things around, he feels as if it would be great to go to college. When he enters into college sooner or later his perceptions change and he thinks it would be great to be in a job.

As the age advances and his needs shift from himself alone to entire family, he comprehends it is actually better to live a life with his family.

Thus in every phase of life the needs keep on shifting and in sync the expectations to keep on hopping.

But somewhere in between we as a person forget the very basic thing about our race (humans). We have this wonderful attribute called mind with us always and it has an exquisite quality of learning to adapt.

Every phase of life teaches us some lessons and imparts values in us which, in hindsight, evolves us as a better person.

But often we forget to realize or to utilize it.

Well, Lifehack posted some great lessons that college won’t teach you…

…But I’m posting opposite.

When we are in school, apart from studies, we learn to respect our elders; we learn the vitality of discipline; we learn to live in a structured and systematic way.

These are the qualities which set the course of our lives towards being a well-behaved and well-mannered civilized citizen.

Thus schools can be understood as the prime avenues which lay foundation stones for us.

Once schools are done and we are compelled to go ahead in our lives there come the college days.

Today I’m going to share the best College learnings that I’ve picked up with you.

Awesome! 11 Important College Life Lessons (That Work For Lifetime)


learn importance of time in college

No matter, how much exciting it appears to be a part of a college, yet some of the students dwell upon their school days and there they get the very first lesson from College.

No matter how many times you visit your old (school) days, they are done. The maiden lesson taught here is you cannot turn the wheel of time. It’s better to go with the flow. It is a lesson for the lifetime.

Lesson #2:  How to change yourself according to the situation

In professional courses, semester system is introduced.

So the disciplined approach of school works well at the beginning in the college. But as the time tickles and quizzes, tests and viva start to pour in.

The school goer in you, who was moulded to face exams annually, now faces them twice in a year.

Here the College gives you your 2nd lesson.

Learn to adapt and plan your time. Work in such a way that you can cope up with the things going around you. Thus you get a lesson for life, sift the required and be Swift in your approach.

Lesson #3: How to help YOURSELF.

The conventional courses such as B. A. B. Sc. B. Com. etc. however still have yearly exam patterns only, but they are popular among those who wish to prepare for IAS, state administrative services, SSC etc.

Still, here too your College teaches you a lesson. In most of the government colleges, lectures are either lesser delivered or lesser attended.

The learning here is:

Learn to help yourself. If you cannot help yourself, nobody else ever will.

Lesson #4: How to deliver RESULTS as a team.

During school we have feeling of competing with our own friends that who tops the exam?

Who wins that student of the year trophy?

But during college you get to learn that it is better to have group studies and distribute the topics amongst and explain amongst.

team work is the best thing we learned in college life

There is a useful discussion for Teamwork on Quora.

Thus we arrive at a lesson for life:

Team work is the best. Groom others and you too will.

Lesson #5: Self-Improvement

The next thing which is there for you on this roll is, even if you were an “A” grade student in your school or were a school topper, your College tells you there are many a pupil better than you.

So you should not settle and keep on improving yourself.

We all know what happened with “Nokia”.

It used to be a brilliant brand in its own, but not changing with time and by ignoring “Android” it has vanished…

…and now it is not even there in the smartphone market.

Past glory cannot always be the basis for your future success. Don’t settle with where you were or are today, you can be surpassed soon. Keep on working for your betterment. As in this life, change is the only constant.

Lesson #6: How to develop your own opinion about other something. Don’t get influenced by others opinions.

learn to deal with strangers

If we keep aside big Metros for the time being, then most of the students go to colleges which are in the cities/locations other than their home towns.

Thus you are compelled to live in hostels or PGs or by renting rooms or houses.

This teaches you another lesson of life and helps you when you go for jobs after college.

Living with absolute strangers later becomes easier once you have an experience of living with your friends in this fashion.

Also, it prepares you to even live alone.

You become independent and thus you can gauge your homesickness.

It is not always, you would be having your family by your side. By living this way you realize your own potential. You experience the world in a true sense by your own and not from the window of your familiar home. You see others with your bare and naked eyes. You start to have your own opinion about others.

Lesson #7: You learn things on your own.

Also by living alone, you get to know how to wash clothes, how to bargain, how to keep your place decent and tidy, how to cook food etc.

Also, this way you earn an extended family of friends.

You learn to deal with strangers, which helps in making you an extrovert at times.

You learn to do your things by your own. You are no more dependent on others and thus you learn to become dependable for others and for your family too.

Lesson #8: How to fill your free time with useful things.

When you live alone or with 1 or 2 more friends (if you opt to live so during college) you develop hobbies, which later help you in relaxing once you are in a job.

They act as stress busters.

They allow you to know about you only; they introduce you to your new dimension.

Hobbies enrich your mental state and groom you as a better person later in your life, as once you are into a job; you know what good things you can do with your free time. Thus they keep you away from stress when you work in long strenuous stretches of time.

Well some bad habits should be throw away…..

Lesson #9: You develop your leadership skills to give best results. The best TEAM LEADER.

During College fests, you get an exposure to extracurricular and co-curricular activities. They, in later course, help you during your job interviews; develop your leadership skills, allow you to enhance your knowledge and skill sets.

Your leadership skills groom and you start to manage events better in your life. You get to know this way that what depth or horizon of things you can handle well. They increase your self-confidence.

Lesson #10: Managing Finances

Also the heavy fee structures of professional courses at times, allow you to learn to earn.

Not all of us can pay those heavy college fees with ease, so some students generate an income source by conducting tuitions for juniors or for school going students. Well, they also prefer to buy used books and other items from Allstudyx like platforms which are a specific second-hand market for students.

As Fastweb posted it Budgeting

The others, who don’t do this stuff for money, can still get benefited by enhancing their knowledge levels.

In the needed ours one can learn to generate 2nd income source. Maybe we have not done so, but if others can why can’t we? Also if we don’t look to generate a 2nd income source, still, we can learn to respect money and can manage our finances and expenses better.

Lesson #11: How to shape your future the way you want it

Sometimes we get into jobs which are totally different from our opted course during college or the jobs we land in are totally out of our interests.

Sometimes, unfortunately, a few find themselves unable to get a job.

These scenarios open an opportunity for higher education. This reminds me of a beautiful saying by His Holiness Dalai Lama:

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck!”

You get a chance to get into higher studies, which can land you in better jobs or even in your own business.

So these are the 11 hidden learning’s from a college life with which one is bestowed in disguise.

We at Allstudyx.com hope that this would help you in shifting your perspective and from now on you will not look at all these experiences just as experiences, but more of valuable learning either.

Learned Something? Share The Love!

I know that you have a ton of college life learning that I didn’t cover in this post.

What are the best things that you learned in college life which you actually use in daily life?

Your good or bad memory can be a helpful tip for someone.

Also comment, what is your most helpful college lifetime lesson in above?

So leave a comment right now with something you’ve learned.