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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This section based on Privacy Policy describes how allstudyx will be responsible to handle, use and store your personal information. These privacy policies are designed to give the users an insight into the ways in which allstudyx.com performs its business and what are the policies that they abide by. We collect, use, and share personal information to make our website (allstudyx.com) work and to keep it secure. Please read the following policy carefully.

Here's a clear insight into the Privacy Policies of allstudyx.com:

  • Some of the user information entered on allstudyx is publicly available (Name (optional) and contact no.) and rest of the user information is not publicly available and is only stored on our server. Our servers are based on cloud technology; therefore, if you choose to provide us with personal information, you are consenting to the transfer and storage of that information to our servers. We collect and store the following personal information:
    • Name, college information, email address, contact information for registration
    • Computer sign-on data, statistics on page views, traffic to and from allstudyx and Ad data (all through cookies)
    • Other information which includes users IP address and standard web log information.
    • Ad listing information - varies as per category of Ads (necessary to check the visits)
  • We use users' personal information for the following purposes:
    • To provide users with an extensive and elaborate number of services
    • Encourage safe buy/sell practices and enforce our policies through allstudyx.com
    • Resolve disputes if any and troubleshoot problems at the earliest possible
    • Provide third-party offers and services for the benefit of the users without sharing any personal information with the said third party (to help you get an access to maximum services and products)
    • Customize users' experience, measure interests in our services, and inform users about services and updates time to time, to make sure that users get the best possible deals from us.
    • Communicate marketing and promotional offers to users as an when possible
    • Send email updates about the activity on Allstudyx to all its users. You can choose to discontinue this free service by changing your account settings; we do this that you have complete track of your account and the activities performed through it.
  • allstudyx believes in responsibility that is ethical and safe for business practices and we enforce this culture in the following ways:
    • All information is solicited and accumulated by Allstudyx and this is treated as strictly confidential. allstudyx will not unveil or split such confidential information with any peripheral group.
    • User's information is of primary importance to us and we make sure that we do not at any point of time sell this information to third party organizations. Whatever information is provided to us is stored on our server.
    • All passwords entered on allstudyx are stored in encrypted code and are not visible to anyone, including allstudyx employees and website developers. This is done in order to maintain the authenticity of your account and your transactions.
    • Allstudyx may sometimes be required to disclose users' personal information to Governmental or law enforcing agencies or our regulators; this will be done only by the acceptance of authority.
    • Third party agencies, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to the website but they don't have access to a user's personal information.
  • Users can utilize information about other users (whatever information is visible to them) only in the following ways:
    • You may exercise a user's personal information visible on allstudyx only to summarize with another user about a specific listing and not to send spam/phishing content or collect personal information from any user.
    • You shall not share any user's personal information with any intermediary and/or for any purposes falling outside the notice of allstudyx.
  • Being the user of an account, you have the permission to view, edit or delete your personal information by reviewing your profile. You can contact us at support@allstudyx.com for any issues. We retain personal information as permitted by law to resolve disputes, enforce our policies and to prevent unauthorized and blacklisted people from coming back to us.
  • allstudyx employs a number of secure practices such as encryption and passwords to defend the security and reliability of your personal information against unconstitutional access. Once any personal information comes into our possession, we commit to take the necessary steps in order to protect that information from any potential threat based on its access.
  • Users who use any of the features/services on allstudyx concur and agree to the way that they have been fully informed by Allstudyx that the use of features may lead to publication. Users should further agree that the authenticity of and the consequences of any information provided by them is completely under their control and allstudyx does not take any responsibility to this.
  • Users agree that they understand and are willing to follow the privacy policy and terms of use for the smooth and efficient functioning of the website.

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