How To Turn Your Android Into JARVIS…!!!

How To Turn Your Android Into JARVIS…!!!

Have you seen the movie Iron Man…? Oh, you must have and you must have loved the character of billionaire Tony Stark, in the movie he was a CEO of a weapon making company who was responsible to supply military weapons to US Army.

Along with the character of Tony Stark, there was one more character in movie whose existence in the movie made it super excited. J.A.R.V.I.S. (Stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent ystem). Continue Reading

How To Succeed As A Student [15 Tips That Actually Work]

Tips To Become Successful Student

Tip #1. Spend 2 Days per Month Without Media

You are addicted to Media. For you, going without media means going without comfort.


Yes, you must.
I know you could live without television and the laptop, but you can’t live without the mobile phone even for some minutes.

Now It’s your first new year 2017 resolution.

From Today you will choose any two days of a month.

Either any two Sundays. It doesn’t matter.

But you will give up your laptop, mobile phone, iPod, television…

… even magazines, newspaper and every single media source… for ONLY TWO DAYS. Continue Reading

11 Best Lessons We Learned From College Life

11 Best Life Lessons We Learned From College Life

We get into college and we pass out of it.

But in between, there are a huge amount of experiences which we learned.

Today we shall be evaluating those experiences which prepare us for the later course of our lives.

Let us dwell upon those college life lessons and see what the hidden surprises are and what they teach us in disguise.


You must Admit.

We are all the part of Mother Nature and the most beautiful thing which has been offered to us by it is “Our Life”.

We are all living our lives being happy or sad. Continue Reading

17 Biggest Problems Faced by College Students (with Solutions)

17 biggest problems faced by college studentsThere’s a list of problems faced by students in college life that I noticed.

With solutions that works.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you exactly how to overcome them.

College life is considered the golden period of your life. You feel like nostalgic for this period.

But Nobody talks about student life problems.

Undoubtedly getting a decent job is the biggest challenge for the student.

But other challenges are also important, And they must be discussed.

OK, Let’s start these issues one by one. Continue Reading

Avoid Online Scams: How To Prevent Being Duped?

Avoid Online Scams Tips

Avoid Online Scams: How To Prevent Being Duped By Online Fraudsters

A lot has been changed in the pattern of buying or selling items from the direct market. People today prefer to make deals online to save time and efforts as almost everything is available online today people can make some instant and easy deals on these platforms.

You can find diverse products here such as from clothes, home furnishing products to electronic items and vehicles all you can get in some easy deals. Above all, you can order for these online sitting at home and you will get the delivery at your doorstep thus you manage to save a lot of time and effort for yourself. Continue Reading

New Or Used Car: 8 Tips To Determine The Buying Decision

new or used car

Determining factors which influence your decision on buying a new or used car:

There are a lot of features which influence your decision while buying or planning to buy cars . You can buy new or used car based on different determining factors. To make some great deals you can keep these factors in mind while planning to buy or change a car.

1) Budget:

This is a biggest deciding factor when you buy or plan to buy a new car. You need to work on this factor extensively so that budget issues don’t create problems further. Decide whether you can afford pay in all cash deal or you would prefer installments for a certain period of time. Continue Reading

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