How To Succeed As A Student [15 Tips That Actually Work]

Tips To Become Successful Student

Tip #1. Spend 2 Days per Month Without Media

You are addicted to Media. For you, going without media means going without comfort.


Yes, you must.
I know you could live without television and the laptop, but you can’t live without the mobile phone even for some minutes.

Now It’s your first new year 2017 resolution.

From Today you will choose any two days of a month.

Either any two Sundays. It doesn’t matter.

But you will give up your laptop, mobile phone, iPod, television…

… even magazines, newspaper and every single media source… for ONLY TWO DAYS.

Tip #2. Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know what is the most happiest thing in your life?

Yes, Your good health.
If you’re living a healthy life, there is nothing you can’t achieve in life. Everything starts here.

You students could no longer neglect your body.

To take care of your health, you need to make these changes to your lifestyle.

1) Eat Healthy and Say NO to junk food.
2) Wake up early in the morning.
Read this post on Yourstory to validate getting up early is the mantra to success.
3) Regular exercise. Do Meditation.

Tip #3. Start Feeling Happy

You don’t always need a reason to be happy. Make that happy face a reason to be happy.

A valid point on psychology of Happy by Arman Assadi

“Look back at what you’ve already accomplished, rather than forward at all you haven’t.”

Tip #4. Stop Making Excuses

When You say, you can’t do it. You are too young or inexperienced to do this.
You don’t have money, time or things to achieve your goals.

You are making excuses.
And the horrible thing is, you are making excuses to yourself.

When you feel like this, Look at someone who manages to get past their disabilities and inspire lives. Look at Nick Vujicic on TED Talks.

Tip #5. Change Your Fixed Mindset

When students look others playing guitars, getting high numbers, performing well in events or getting some achievements, he used to believe he can’t do it, he is not talented in that area, And what that student is doing, is an innate ability.

You have to give up this fixed mindset, rather you should learn and grow yourself and develop these abilities.

Tip #6. Humans Can’t be Multitasking. Accept It.

Believe it, you can only fully focus on one thing at a time.

Successful people choose one task at a time. They don’t switch their task because they know switching their task only results distraction.

Tip #7. Stop Throwing Away Your Old Academic Stuff

You have a better place to sell your second-hand items to someone who really needs that item.
From now students don’t need to put it in garbage or sell to kabbadiwala.

Post your old items on Allstudyx.

Tip #8. Adapt a New Ability, To Solve Problems ON PRIORITY

Students face many problems in college life. They struggle to solve all problems at once. Doing that, they entrapped more and more.

They have to adapt a new ability to solve these problems or trouble.

Sort your problem based on priority. Decide what should be solved first and what further.

Give your full efforts and solve it, and then go on to the next.

Tip #9. Start Learning “How to Speak English”

Well, there I touch a raw nerve of Indian students. Everyone wants to learn and speak English. For that, they join some English speaking courses, but all is of no worth.

No improvement.

They start making excuses that we are Indian and we don’t need to learn English. We are proud of our mother language Hindi.

C’mon! Don’t react like a stupid.

You fail to speak English because you don’t know how to learn it.

Let me tell you some important points to learn speaking English.

1. Don’t convert your ideas in Hindi before speaking it in English. Think in English and then speak in it. You will see how you become so fluent.

2. Use simple words. Don’t need to use that hard words you recently learned.
3. Believe it, NO ONE has time to judge your speaking. Your mistakes don’t matter for them. So you don’t need to think about people that they are judging you for your English speaking skills.

4. Don’t stress yourself. Does your grammar is correct or not? Are my pronunciations correct or not?

This all really doesn’t matter while you speak.

5. Practice it. The best way to practice is to talk to yourself in front of the mirror. It would really help.

Tip #10. Would You Like To Be Rich or Financially Free? Say YES.

If you say no, CHANGE IT.

Develop a money mindset.

There’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn. – Ramit Sethi

With Ramit, Give a definite reason why you want to earn money.

Tip #11.  Select Your Friends Carefully

That’s personal. But I will go through this because I want you to become successful. Everything that stops you to achieve your goals, should be considered.

Well, I am not suggesting that who should be your friend.

I want to ask an important question to you.

Does he talk about the opportunity?
Does he have some goals to achieve?

If you answer. No.

Stop yourself and give up that people.

If you spend time with him, your performance will go down, and with it, your success.

Rather, cultivate friendship people who seek out and talk about opportunity. That will help you achieving your goals.

Tip #12. Give Up Everything That Distracts You While Studying… Especially Desire Of SEX

Watch how Sandeep Maheshwari focus on a single major problem, that students are terribly facing but no one talks about it.