17 Biggest Problems Faced by College Students (with Solutions)

17 biggest problems faced by college studentsThere’s a list of problems faced by students in college life that I noticed.

With solutions that works.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you exactly how to overcome them.

College life is considered the golden period of your life. You feel like nostalgic for this period.

But Nobody talks about student life problems.

Undoubtedly getting a decent job is the biggest challenge for the student.

But other challenges are also important, And they must be discussed.

OK, Let’s start these issues one by one.

Undeniable! 17 HUGE Problems Faced by College-Going Students (and Their Best Solution)

Problem #1: Suicides among students

“Bye friends, I am committing suicide.”

Almost daily, there are reports of suicide by Indian students.

It hurts.

According to The Lancet, India has one of the world’s highest rate of suicides among students(15 years to 29 years aged).

What do you think, what is the major reason of suicidal thought among students?

Is it due to some relationship failure?

Does exam pressure is the main reason behind suicide?

Is it due to family pressure, failure in examination or desire for highly-paid jobs?

Well, Scroll.in gives a better answer by showing it in charts reasons why Indian students commit suicide.

Leading causes of suicide among Indian students

Whatever be the reasons, solutions should be underlined.

How to overcome suicidal thoughts?

You have to admit.
Family and student are equally responsible for suicidal attempts.

No one better than Sandeep Maheshwari gave the exact solution to overcome suicidal thoughts.

The better solution is to never have a single option in your career, Have some easy passing way.

Don’t be a part of this mob competition and try to find some new great ways in your college life.

Problem #2: Problems in managing study well:


Problems in managing study well



We all have different capacity and ability to learn and understand things.

Some people are quick in learning…

…And some others take the time to cope with the situation.

It is absolutely fine when you try to learn things and it doesn’t come easy for you to understand and memorize them.

Better be prepare for more study and in-depth learning, try to understand the core of the topic than just to memorize it for the sake of the exams.

Student prefers to sit back and wait for the help to come.

DO NOT shy away from asking help if in case you are finding something typical to understand.

Remember your teachers, family, friends all are there to assist you whenever you want.

Mismanagement of time hurts your study so much,

better schedule the time primarily in between your study time and time for other activities which may include your daily routine work, sleep, sports, some leisure time for refreshment or anything else.

Always follow this time schedule so that you can avert the situation when you feel like overburdened due to last minute work.

Problem #3: Stress and Depression

Due to irregular sleep and eating habits accompanied by stress student life can be turn up as a nightmare for a person as all these habits affect your health badly.

Due to that you feel like irritated all the time, loss of concentration, drinking, drugs, regular fights and more symptoms shows your poor psychological and physical health.

There are some actionable tips on Quora, how to relieve mental stress.

Actionable tips on how to relieve mental stress and depression


Some of the best ways are:

1. Exercise regularly and Do Meditation – BEST ONE
2. Getting enough sleep
3. Eat healthy food
4. Read books and novels
5. Find some interesting hobbies like music, guitar playing, LAN gaming, riding bikes etc.
5. Meeting friends
6. Try not to overload yourself
7. Manage your time better

Problem #4: Finding second-hand books, cheap furniture, electronics, and other college necessities.

College going students unnecessarily spend a lot of money during their college days. In each semester they have some new academic requirements like new books, stationery, cameras, electronics etc. They have to buy it NEW.

It’s really tough.

Students need some great deals that save their TONS of money. They need a space where they can sell or buy their used stuff.

Well, there are some portals for selling or buying used products. But the transportation is not easy in exchanging those second-hand items. Suppose you find an item on that portal, but the seller is at the other end of the city. It becomes so difficult to go to that person and carry used item.

But the GOOD NEWS is

…There is an online exchange platform THAT IS ONLY FOR STUDENTS where they can sell or buy second-hand products Within their own college campus or nearby.

It is Allstudyx.

It is a college life changing idea.

When our college needs are common and it is very easy to exchange within a campus, Then why will we travel long tiresome distance to make a deal.

At Allstudyx, Students can sell any used product by simply posting an Ad. If you wish to buy something you can choose your product of need from a variety of products.

You can download Allstudyx application from Android or iOS platform for quick and easy access to a range of deals.

Problem #5: Exam Pressure on Students:

This is the common problem which appears to every student throughout their student life.

Nevertheless how well or worse your preparation is, you feel like always in stress and in a constant phase of struggle with studies.

This stress due to exam’s tension causes many side effects to the body like when you continuously stay in stress situation you create phobia to it and perceive it as a threat later you get into the mental status where you can be in the mental status of continuous denial, to flight or freeze situation. This may hurt you to that level where you feel like impossible to learn or understand something.

This may hurt you to that level where you feel like impossible to learn or understand something.

That’s why you feel exhausted and discouraged.

Then, How to overcome pressure during exams?

What are the best ways to feel relax in exams?

There are ways available to deal with exam stress and believe it the best way is your time-bound preparation. Do not scatter yourself into many situations and a lot of topics altogether…
…better plan things first where first thing will be given first importance.

Don’t expect to eliminate pressure completely because it won’t better practice working with little pressure as its going to be there anyways. In fact, a little bit of stress will keep you motivated and focus at the same time.

Make a revision timetable according to the priority of the topic and length of the syllabus. Organize your study material like books, notes, laptop etc. before you begin to study or revision. It will not only save your time but will help you to avail optimum use of the time.

Take frequent breaks between topics as it will enhance your focus and capacity to learn.

Treat yourself well during exam’s time, read something good, watch things of your interest, be positive all the time.

Problem #6: Various Distractions For Student

These are biggest distractions students facing.

Drugs, Drinking, and Smoking…

…and SEX

Look at Sandeep Maheshwari Seminar who hold sex the biggest distraction in student life.

It is enough to overcome Sex distraction from study

Some medical conditions like hormonal changes during student life cause frequent mood changes and cause loss of attention doing something.

Try to manage this with interacting with more people so that you can divert your mind and sometimes get important advice to deal with this situation.

Play games as it will divert your energy towards a healthy lifestyle and it will make you mentally fit too.

Problem #7: Financial issues in college life

REALLY they don’t have enough money.

Students run into this issue throughout their college career.

High tuition fee, accommodation costs, costly books and stationery, birthday treats and parties.

The financial issue is the integrated part of the problem related to study in today’s time where the cost to study has risen multi –fold.

You have to spend a good sum on academics today than some time back…
… you have to spend heavily on fees, syllabus books, notes, accommodation in case you are living away from your home, many necessary electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile and the list is long.

In some cases, student’s get required economic support from their family and in some student need to tackle his own financials for education purpose.

Sometimes financial problems force them to dropout because they cannot afford it.

So better plan today if you are going to be the person to manage financial resources.

So, How to deal with money issues in college?

How can students overcome a lack of money in college life?

How to make extra money while going to college?

Well, the best answer is.

Earn some extra money.

Believe me.

There is a limit how much you can save, but there is no limit how much you can earn.

So I am not going to tell you to save money by cutting down expenses and needs.


Get a part time work where you can earn some extra cash without disturbing your studies.
Know your strengths whether it is sketching, photography, content writing, and any other skills. Find some freelancers jobs.

It can be a good experience of professional learning and socialize with people. Earn while you learn can be the best solution to your financial issues.
Others are.

Try to find out some financial resources to back your money needs during studies like some scholarship, loan or something else.

While managing this important part of study better try to find alternates like buying used goods, sharing the goods can be a good idea to save some fund without stretching the budget.

You should also make a proper budget of your monthly pocket money.

Problem #8: Lack of proper education and career guidance

Well, This is the most common issue faced by almost every next student while they are on some important level of change in their education process.

No matter you are doing some degree, diploma or any other professional course problem remains same. Here are some suggestions to work upon to find the solution of this issue.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Talk to yourself first as to decide your interest to continue with the studies using some conventional method or going to do some professional or some unique course which does not opt by many.

Step 2. Once you have decided the subject stream next is to do some brainstorming and rigorous research on that as its going to be last with your profession.

Step 3. Talk to subject experts, teachers, family, consult with your seniors and friends to find the prospect of the subject you have decided to continue your studies.

A lot of information is available a click away online so make optimum use of search engine facilities to get some important information related to your field and subject.

Step 4. After choosing the subject to study, better work hard to get the in-depth knowledge of it and to score well. Stay updated with the changes and improvements in your field.

For better growth options in career start preparing for it once you are close to your final semesters.

Talk to your seniors.

Consult industry experts.

Check the prospect of the career path you are going to choose.

Make thorough research before you finalize your profession, attend seminars webinars access all routes to get information.

Spend some time with family to consult career options and do whatever you think should be beneficial for your career.

You know. No one better knows you than yourself.

So always believe in your decisions.

Problem #9: Student life relationship problems

Everyone knows it.

Student life relations are considered as most fluctuating as you keep on trying and learning new things about relationships.

Making and maintaining new relations during your college time at the new place is time-consuming and stressful.

It becomes more complicated to cope up with a situation when you are kind of an introvert person.

No, It’s not bad to be introvert. But condition differs.

You are far from your family at a new place. You need some healthy relations in your college so that someone is here to care you, to be a part of your daily routine whom with you can share your good and bad moments. and He is your FRIEND.

Always remember to make better relations, take your time and try to ‘be you’ as changing you for the sake of some relation won’t work. This is important.

Talk and interact with as many as people so that you will have the better insight and preference to stay in the relationship. Regular interaction with people will help you enhance your understanding of social circle.

During this course of making new relations, you end up doing some intimate relations where you emotionally attach with someone to the extent where you feel like dependent on them.

So in such situations try to be bit rational and check if these relations are not hurting your studies.

A person always prefers to stay with those people who are like minded, who they have same hobbies and interests but that habit constraint you from understanding the other wide lot of people.

Problem #10: Students facing unhealthy food problem


Students facing unhealthy food problem


“Mess food is not like home cooking.”

A common complaint about the food among students specially hostelers. And I terribly admit this problem.

Well, our hostel fees are higher than ever, but still, the facilities for students are below standard in most colleges and universities.

Hostlers are very dependent on Maggi and cookies, which is still controversial whether it is good for health or not.

Indian Express researched it, Why the standard of food in colleges is questionable?

Then how can Indian students get that decent and healthy food?

This is one the major problem encountered by college going students.

There should be some proper initiative taken by the government. Seriously, A board should be set up to inspect the standard of food in colleges.

Problem #11: High Expectation of Family and Society

During whole the student life you feel like under consistent pressure.

Expectations from family and society to perform well, pressure from teachers, peer pressure…

…And a lot more stays there to haunt you throughout your academic life.

Parents invest a large sum of money during your college life and they expect you to do something great within and after college.

This high expectation passes onto the students when they realize that their education is draining a lot of money.

Problem #12: Lack of Time management

Make a habit of doing things by prioritizing them as…

…first important thing should be dealt with first priority.

This habit of streamlining things will save your time and you will not be in a situation of last minute work all the time.

For deep study on time management, Read How to manage time in student life?

Problem #13: Placement Issues

Trust me, Placement from college is far easy rather than finding a job after college without any jack or references.

But the trouble is when there is almost no placement in your college. And this is the single story of maximum colleges in India.

Get some best tips to improve campus placement by Campus Interaction.

Problem #14: Lack of confidence and communication skills

Try to talk and open up yourself for conversations, group discussions, speeches, lectures, parties, games…

…and lot more as this will help you further in your life to socialize with people in professional and personal life.

This can be a very useful for those people who feel hesitated and uncomfortable to initiate a talk with others as such frequent talks boost their confidence and enhance their communication skills.

Problem #15: Wrong Aims for college life

I hold our education system responsible for some of the student life troubles. There’s no focus on practical learning or implementations.

Students have single aim during college life, and that is getting a good CGPA in exams.

That’s it.

It doesn’t matter how they implement their theories in the practical world.

They just memorize it and write down on exam papers.

There should be more emphasize on practical implementations rather than theory exams.

The exam should check their mental skills, not their cram power.

Problem #16: Student Education Loan Problems

“I will have to pay my education loan. So, I need a job just after completing my graduation. and It is a must.”

“I want to go for higher education. But I have an education loan, so I have to find a job anyhow.”

Well, these are common words.

And this problem is in their mind from the first day of college life.

In India, Graduation without debt is almost unheard of.

See a significant rise in educational loans last year, TOI Infographics.


Infographics on the rising educational loan in India


Before choosing a loan,

Read this, How to manage educational loan burden?

Students should educate themselves about every single term of the loan.

They should take help of some good financial advisor to understand the complete details of education loan.

Problem #17: Problems with College Roommates


problems with college roommates


Look at the case.

Students spend days fighting and hating their roommate.

But they could use it for some better purposes.

They should have a frank discussion with the roommate from the very first day of college.

It is better to get along with as soon as possible, otherwise gap increases.

Now It’s your turn to help students finding the best solutions for their college life problems…

I will update this post regularly until I find the complete list of problems in student life…

…And their Solutions TOO.

But I need your help.

Tell me.

What do you think of college life troubles?

and What should be their exact solutions?

Do you have a question about any problem?

If you have a question or thought, leave a comment right now.