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11 Best Lessons We Learned From College Life

11 Best Life Lessons We Learned From College Life

We get into college and we pass out of it.

But in between, there are a huge amount of experiences which we learned.

Today we shall be evaluating those experiences which prepare us for the later course of our lives.

Let us dwell upon those college life lessons and see what the hidden surprises are and what they teach us in disguise.


You must Admit.

We are all the part of Mother Nature and the most beautiful thing which has been offered to us by it is “Our Life”.

We are all living our lives being happy or sad. Continue Reading

10 Bad Habits You Should Get Rid Off

10 Bad Habits You Should Get Rid Off

Certain negative acts when became a habit of a person it turns up as big road barriers in the success of a human being say it personal life success or professional life development. It is impossible to find the perfect person, as every person lives with some behavior or other issues. Thus, it is important to identify those problems in your life and get rid of them to achieve the best in the life. There are certain bad habits, which need to be corrected as early as possible to reach the success. Some of these habitual problems we can discuss here. Continue Reading

Single’s Room: All You Need In Room, Living Alone

all needs while you live alone

Now it’s time to move on to another city for higher studies as your comfort of being at home in school days is over when you used to get all the things to your bed by your mom or sister. This is the time to move in life and to continue studies you need to get out of the home and need to shift in another city for next few years for your higher studies.

When you are shifting from your home for many years thus you require a lot of things and need to work extensively to make things in place.

You make mini home while away home thus requirement for this mini home remains same. You want all those things for your comfort and daily routine, which you and your family together use at home. This list includes all the products from daily routine to products for your comfort and other belongings. Continue Reading

College Search Tips : Your Guide To Find Right College

Guide and Tips to search colleges

The school days are over and the whole new era of higher academics is ahead of you.  You have planned lot of things for college life for years, experiencing this very special time, making new friends, having fun with a lot of liberty, having that sense of adulthood and much more describe your imagination for college life. Above all these plans and expectations the utmost thing is to select right college. Some college search tips can help you to understand the best way you can select the best college according to your needs and expectations. Continue Reading

College Life: A New Chapter in Student’s Life

college life a new chapter in student life

You have completed your preliminary studies in school putting in best of your efforts. Passing with good grades and percentage have always inspired you to do things better and better every time. In school time we live life differently when things are more punctual and systematic in that sense where you are supposed to reach school on time, attending all lectures, set uniform to wear, set intervals for food, sports and almost for everything. You go to your tuition classes, do some self-study and day is almost done. But with college life, a new chapter begins in a student’s life. College life which is primarily associated with fun and freedom to do things your own way is the attraction deeply rooted in school kids throughout their time in school. Continue Reading

Career Options After 12th- Preliminary Work And Suggestions To Overcome It

Career Options After 12th- Preliminary Work And Suggestions To Overcome It

You have taken one big decision in 10+2 system of education in India, when you had decided upon the subject to continue with for the higher studies while you were in 10th.  Now it is the final year of the school studies and exams are almost over then the next big question arises in front of you ‘Now What?’. As the first phase of education is completed next is to get into the second and most important phase of the academics. Here you have one common problem which is the most confusing too, as to continue with the same subjects or to plan for some concurrent professional course else which college to be selected for further studies. Continue Reading

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