Single’s Room: All You Need In Room, Living Alone

all needs while you live alone

Now it’s time to move on to another city for higher studies as your comfort of being at home in school days is over when you used to get all the things to your bed by your mom or sister. This is the time to move in life and to continue studies you need to get out of the home and need to shift in another city for next few years for your higher studies.

When you are shifting from your home for many years thus you require a lot of things and need to work extensively to make things in place.

You make mini home while away home thus requirement for this mini home remains same. You want all those things for your comfort and daily routine, which you and your family together use at home. This list includes all the products from daily routine to products for your comfort and other belongings.

To arrange these things in another city becomes quite a task as you don’t know much about the city. In that case, you need to work hard as to first know the place from where you can get the products further to arrange all those things for yourself.

Things Required While Living Alone

Here is the list which may extend in case of your personal requirements but for daily routine and comfort you need certain products.  This list includes the items to sleep, to make food, to stay comfortable and much more. You can arrange these products from the market by visiting few places else you can get it sitting at home via online on different websites.

When you stay outside your home for studies it becomes important to keep a tab on your budget and for that, you can make a lot of your purchasing through various online exchange platforms for used goods. On these platforms, you can get almost all the products of your need in a comfortable manner.

Few products for your basic needs includes-


After long day hectic study schedule and other work you want to have comfortable sleep and for that a comfortable bed. You can arrange the bed from the market or you can get it online from different selling websites. Else making deals for beds in used goods on various websites can fetch you some nice deals. Here you can get some very good condition beds at very reasonable price.


To stay active and well connected with studies you need healthy food and to make that you need utensils. You can get almost brand new utensils at throwaway prices on these platforms.


To make food or tea or anything else to stay you awake and active you also need a stove to prepare it. You can get a different type of stoves on these platforms according to your need.

Microwave Oven

Oven provides an instant solution to make food or just to bake or heat it. It is Sunday and you are not interested in making food home and you bought something from outside shop you can use these microwave ovens to ready the food for yourself in a minutes time.


To keep the food and other items fresh you need a refrigerator for sure. This way you can save the time for your studies by buying groceries once in many days.

Cooler or AC

The best way to keep you cool in summers or keep the temperature of room normal you may need cooler or ACs for your room. You can get almost all type and brands of coolers and ACs on these online exchange platforms.


After hectic college day and self-studies you need some time to refresh and for that TV considered to be the best option. You can get different size and brands of TVs here.


This includes a variety of products bed to sleep, study table to study, dressing table to get dressed, wardrobe to store clothes and lot more. The list of furniture items can be extended according to your needs.

To buy or sell all these products online you can turn towards to various online exchange platforms for some amazing deals. Deals done on these platforms prove to be time and cost effective.