Time Management – Utilizing The Most Important Thing in Life ‘Time’

Time Management

When you have a lot of work and you end up doing nothing. This is the common feeling arises when you are diverted amongst many dos and don’ts, ifs and buts which makes you feel like paranoid. Here you need some advice from some expert to concentrate on your work or prioritize the tasks or you can ask the same to that expert in you.

‘Time Management’ according to general definition is a technique or skill set to finish the multiple tasks or a specific task efficiently adhering to time limit. There are numerous time management techniques used today to deal with time bound work stress and to get done the task in specific time and manner. These techniques can include :

ABC Analysis

Parento Analysis

The Eisenhower Method

Domino Reaction

POSEC Method

Software Applications

Task List Organization

Implementation of goals

Time Management Systems like :

GTD Method (Getting Things Done)



And many more according to time, culture, society and work pattern. These are some set patterns and formats which are used worldwide for management of corporate and companies. Time-management in personal life is as important as anywhere else as your day starts from your home only. Well thought and well planned decisions and actions yields good results most of the time.

When we talk about time management in Indian society, pattern looks all different as we tend to add that extra minute or an hour to that time deadline. IST is no more an Indian Standard Time it is more like Indian S-t-r-e-t-c-h-a-b-l-e Time as we cannot change the habits of extending time deadlines. We are very use to of that eleventh hour work habits and than what left with us is a good lot of excuses and denials.

Here we can discuss problems arises due to poor management of time and work:

  • The first problem of not adhering to time lines is that you miss the opportunity to complete one task on time as to move on to another.
  • You always tend to transfer the work to another time and you miss that satisfaction and that feeling of sigh which you realize when you complete task on time.
  • Poor management of time leads you to the inefficient work flow affecting team, company and ultimately you.
  • Poor work quality, poor professional reputation, stalled career opportunities are the by-products of poor time management.
  • As the tasks aren’t completed on time you have backlog which always put you in work overloaded situation which cause high stress level affecting daily routine and your body badly.

Time management refers to the way that how you organize and plan the time needs to spend on a specific activity or given task. It may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate precious time to learn about techniques or skills to use time effectively, instead of using it to get on with your work, but given the enormous benefits of time management we should check these facts of stream lined work schedule and managed personal life:

  • The foremost benefit of time management is greater productivity and improved efficiency.
  • Completing tasks on time definitely improve your professional reputation.
  • Systematic lifestyle causes less stress to your mind and body.
  • Given that tasks are completed on time now you have ample of time to focus on and improve work quality and certainly there will be increases opportunities for advancements.
  • Living systematic life, time bound working, well managed tasks gives you greater opportunities to achieve important goals in career and personal life.
  • Spending a little time on learning about time-management skills will have huge benefits for you in person and for your family and society as a whole.

Time-management habits should be taught from home only which will mirror in school punctualities and later in society behavior benefitting nation’s productivity and growth of it. This is the time we should start thinking about time management and implicate it in life.