“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”- Yes We Can

Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat

Who can be the next Brand Ambassador of “Clean India Mission’ or famously known ‘‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, we want you guys to think over this timely question.

Our industry actors can come and read the script but what make difference is what actually has been brought on the surface about cleanliness drives. Governments, Socialists, Actors, and Intellectuals can play their role very effectively by spreading awareness about this mission but this is common Indian who is the flag bearer of real campaign.

We believe ‘Toughest roles are played by the Best actors’ this is the theme of this whole campaign. So this is the time we take pledge to inherit this habit of cleanliness by starting this drive as a mission ourselves by today itself. Clean India Mission should not be left as another government campaign but it should be live as a way of life. Making clean your home, school, hospital, city will not only bring healthy lifestyle but it will also pave way to betterment of the economy.

Our economy will be benefited in such a way that due to cleanliness people will fall ill less, they will live healthy lifestyle, which will provide more man hours for working which will turn up as a more productivity eventually it will be a beneficial deal for every Indian. Clean environment contributes to the GDP substantially through increased productivity of human resources. According to WHO Study, common man is forced to spend an additional Rs.6,500/- per year to fight diseases caused by poor sanitation. Efforts are being made by government and private sector to move towards ‘Zero Waste Management’, through 100% door to door collection of domestic waste, its segregation at source and recycling. We stress that even the waste should be viewed as a resource through its scientific collection and management.

Examples of cleanliness habits of foreign countries are generally given in India, but why not we should live the same way. Most developed countries have habit of neat and clean lifestyle. Japan, USA, European countries are the set examples for other countries just because the habit of cleanliness is given from early age, which ultimately becomes lifestyle for them. This becomes much important for us as a Indian to live this practice because even in our ancient holy books and in our ‘Vedas’ it is mentioned that how ancient times people had lived better and healthy life just because they were aware of the importance of this cause.

We at ‘Allstudyx’ always lived for a cause and that is why we have given a special space supporting this mission everywhere in our online platform, ad campaigns and of course in our office premises. Link for the page is given here so that you may suggest us for the betterment of this important social cause. You can also post your pictures or videos of this cleanliness drive www.allstudyx.com .

Now coming to the question asked in the beginning about the next Brand Ambassador of this mission, we firmly believe that it is ‘You and I’ who can be the next brand ambassador by putting some efforts for this important ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and can say proudly ‘Yes we can’.

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