Exam-phobia – Time to de-stress and some fresh air

How to handle exam pressure

School, tuitions, sports class, other learning classes, self studies, study pressure, peer pressure, grades, percentage, competition this is how students are living in present time. They have tight schedule more than any top notch businessman. We want to attract your attention towards the indecisive and relentless run, where no one is going anywhere.


This pressure can be divided into four set ‘Pressure Points’ i.e. Parents, teachers, society and peer pressure.  It is like ‘Young minds are playing with fire’ where all they have in their hands is their pre mature and inexperienced mind and heart. They are bogged down with the immense pressure from all sides, where nobody wants to understand that they are willing to live life their way and definitely they deserve it . Continue Reading

Get the ownership of ‘Second hand cars’ or ‘Used cars’

‘Used Items’ have been a taboo in Indian society for long. We always have preferred to buy new things over old stuff else we manage to live without it. There was a time when people used to do transactions by offering things to each other called goods trade which was kind of used goods market later that was replaced by currency for the payment.

Despite being into the different zone used item users have always exist because of the needs and limited budget. Things have changed by the time now a day’s another dimension has been added to it where people do frequent changes of things they use to stay updated. They want to use things for a certain time and want to use things of new technology and latest type which is only possible by a click away on online exchange websites. Continue Reading

Sell Used Bikes in Your College/School/Institute Campus


Trip to Leh-Ladakh or Goa or may be down somewhere in south is perfect idea for some enjoyment and experience something new. But what you say if the trip is by road on Bike!!! Just Awesome!! This is common feeling amongst Bike enthusiasts. Long trips on bike are not only a life time experience but it makes you more reliant person as you are the only person to take care of yourself. Problems faced on road gives you chance to become more confident and humble as a person as you face, struggle and solve them alone. Rides in group teach you the team coordination, team management, leadership skills and it also develops attitude in you to enjoy, face challenges, understand people. Continue Reading

Happy to Help

Happy to Help others

If you go by the simple definition of Help it says to do something that makes it easier for someone to do a job, or to deal with a problem, to aid or assist someone is called Help. First known use of this term found date back to before 12 century.  Helping someone in need is a feeling that gives you a immense happiness.

Basic Human nature is derived from such an acts of help, where you feel like this is incorporated with one’s own existence. You start your day with nature’s help when you inhale oxygen to breathe, take advantage of sun’s light to do the things easily, walk on the earth and use natural resources like food grains water for your very existence. So this is very much clear that it all starts with help of someone or something. Sometimes help makes your life easier or act of help by you makes things easy for someone else. Continue Reading

Success Mythological View

success mythological view

The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful.

-Swami Vivekanand

‘Success’ as a term is whole confusing and described differently by everyone. For some success is all materialistic things, for some it bounds with their family and love, for some it is their career, for people from spiritual class it can be attaining the life of sage, noticeably it is important to understand that continuous development of own abilities prove to be the ultimate goal of a life which will turn up to be real success in all means. Success in general term is tagged with wealth, property, super cars bikes, yacht, Jets and relentless pursuit of name fame and money but there is other section of people too who are miles away from materialistic hyper needs. In many old civilizations and even in Indian mythology this pursuit is mark as wrong way of living life as this leaves no time to live the present time. Continue Reading

Just Study. We are here for your all worries.

Buy and Sell Used Items in Your College Campus

College life aahhaaa! Or Woww!

That’s the first expression when you ask any student or alumni for their memories or expectations for this once in a life time moment. Chilling out with friends, talking of all senseless things , bunking classes, watching movies, bike race and much more but not to forget that ‘Eleventh hour’ study are the fond memories of everyone.

You start with a school life going school before time, strict teachers, tight schedule, lot to read and write, limited circle of friends, tiny fights and lot more makes you feel like to get rid of all these limitations and finally College comes up as a solution to our mind. Continue Reading

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