AllstudyX – A New Vision in Online Exchange Platforms

What is your first expression and choice when you need to buy or sell, else want to see something and you don’t know the source of it to get it from?? Yes it’s ‘Online or Internet’ answer to most of queries and searches today. That’s how the things work these days with plethora of information available on world-wide-web pattern of doing business has been changed from head to toe.

Information revolution has not only changed the pattern of doing business but it also provides quick and vast reach to the people of twenty first century. We are living a world where you only need is ‘A good idea’ or specific information about any product or service i.e. name, looks or anything else, everything is available online. All you need to do is just switch-on that box of information. Continue Reading

Time Management – Utilizing The Most Important Thing in Life ‘Time’

Time Management

When you have a lot of work and you end up doing nothing. This is the common feeling arises when you are diverted amongst many dos and don’ts, ifs and buts which makes you feel like paranoid. Here you need some advice from some expert to concentrate on your work or prioritize the tasks or you can ask the same to that expert in you.

‘Time Management’ according to general definition is a technique or skill set to finish the multiple tasks or a specific task efficiently adhering to time limit. There are numerous time management techniques used today to deal with time bound work stress and to get done the task in specific time and manner. These techniques can include : Continue Reading

When You Feel That Magic of Old Bike

Buy or Sell Used Bikes in Colleges

When somebody says this word BIKE! Then we can clearly figure out a glitter in a boy’s eyes, who is stepping into his college days. One can see that charm in the college goer’s face too who is looking for one to have some fun. If we add an adjective fore to it, then for sure the duo is enough to make a guy feel nostalgic about his days well spent in his alma mater. That ordinary yet extraordinary, fascinating and captivating adjective is “Old”. And thus the duo stands for an “Old Bike”! Continue Reading

Senior-Junior Relations – Campus are changing and it will change more

It’s a day one in the college. You are starting a new chapter in your life in whole new environment. You try to learn, understand and to embrace your life with this new start and yeah it is definitely a place to hang around or chill with friends after long hectic school life. This is the life time experience you will always cherish.

You always dream of to go to college to have fun, to enjoy this whole new life, to have that sense of stepping into adulthood and being more responsible and not to forget getting rid of hectic schedule of school life all that punctuality and uniforms. You are here, expecting to fast track all daily routine, time bound schedule and to turn around whole life your way. Continue Reading

Music – An Integral Part of Life

‘Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole flows from heaven to the soul.’     – Anonymous

What is life without ‘Music’, imagine body without soul, fish without water, oxygen less universe or something like that. There are people who live on music they feel like they cannot go a day without listening to music; music is where their heart and soul is. Music gives you peace of mind rest to your heart; it makes the life worth living. Continue Reading

Indian Budget 2016 – Ray of Hope for Start-ups

indian budget 2016

Indian Budget 2016 has come up as a document containing all the initiatives announced in last two years term of Modi government. Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Digital India, Housing for All 2022, Start up and Stand up India all the most talked government schemes to boost the economic environment and business sentiment were on the list of this budget. Budget 2016 can be described as pragmatic, no big bang budget in an attempt to take India to the next leap of growth in coming years.

Indian budget 2016 has strong push towards infrastructure and sustainable economic growth as in the last years, as lacs of crores are planned in budget for infrastructure development across India. Stage is set for the private players too, to invest and earn from this economic turnaround as government is keen interested for investment by all means say it government spending,  investments from foreign countries or investment from private arms. Continue Reading

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