Online Exchange Platforms for Used Goods: Making Life of Student’s Stress-Free

allstudyx online campus based marketplace

We are living in an era where the virtual world is ruling the real world. Say it virtual, digital or online world things have been changed from its very basics while you are transacting or communicating with each other. Gone are the days when you needed to queue up for making a single call(trunk call as it was mentioned) or to do some speed post which used to take two to three days to reach its destination even the message was of utmost urgency. Things have become easy and quick by the time with wide range availability of communication modes and intense work in infrastructure vis-à-vis basic communication system and internet accessibility. In the series of fast pace development online exchange platforms such as OLX, AllstudyX, Quikr is playing a tremendous role in this new age of transactions in used goods. Students are the biggest beneficiaries of these exchanges services as platforms like which is dedicated to students only and is providing student-centric services provides stress-free and quick exchange services to them.

It is no more a taboo when you are looking for a used item for the ownership as it saves a lot of money if you find it in some decent condition. You use it for some time and then you can sell it again thus onus of cost of the product spread up between many owners and ultimately the cost of using it becomes negligible. This practice of used goods is spreading so fast that it is no more a deal of lower or middle-income groups while people are engaging with this phenomena from higher income group too as they also find it viable to opt such things.

The biggest benefit of these online exchange platforms is being economically viable along with the opportunity to choose from a variety of things. This fashion of transacting into used goods is gaining pace worldwide as the story of many big such online platforms say for it. Today almost every country has its own version or in most of the cases is dominant by some big online platforms with their local arms in these countries to facilitate these online exchange services supporting billions of people to transact into used goods.

How these online exchange platforms for used goods work?

Being a user of these online platforms it is easy to understand that whole this process revolves around transactions of used goods. You have a seller with his or her used item which tends to be sell and to the other part you have a buyer who wishes to deal in these goods. So the process is simple where you have a seller and a buyer who are willing to make a deal into their used goods using online exchange platforms.

For example, you are a seller and you wish to sell your used car on these platforms then all you need to do is to post an Ad of your product on these platforms in a very simple process. In this process of posting an Ad, you are required to mention details of your used product along with its detailed specifications and photos. You need to mention one of your contact details so that the prospect buyer can coordinate with you for the deal.

When you are a buyer you can choose the product of your need from the variety of products available on these online platforms. Just pick the product of your need from the range of the products available and talk to the seller for the deal. It is as simple as that.

How AllstudyX is different from other online exchange platforms for used goods?

AllstudyX is online exchange platform dedicated to students, it cater to student’s buying or selling needs. This is unique online service which offers you many other tailor-made benefits too which are student-centric services. One of the best features of this platform is to buy or sell your product within or around your school or college campus which makes transactions very easy and convenient. The other exclusive feature is to get the benefit of doing multiple listings in a single Ad post.

For example, if you want to sell one of your used products may be a mobile phone, you simply need to add an ad post for this on allstudyx website along with its complete details and your contact details. Whenever someone will try to find the same product from your school or college campus or may be from around the campus he or she can easily contact you within the campus. Such deals create trust amongst students as they can rest assured about the product’s quality as if any problem arises they can easily contact that person to the next room or around campus.  It enhances the communication between students too and creates an environment of mutual harmony.

The next and unique feature is to be able to do multiple products listing in a single Ad post which is one of its type services around the world. In case you want to sell your mobile, books, guitar altogether, you can simply add a listing of all these products in a single ad post. All you need to do is to add all these products by clicking ‘Add More Items’ button on product listing page during registration and all your products will be visible in a single ad post which will increase chances of a better deal for you.

Other than all basic features of online exchange platforms Allstudyx’s these unique features provides a niche for it, in a range of online exchange platforms around the world. You can sell or buy any of the products like books, stationery, study related instruments or anything related to your academic or personal need.  So the next time you will make a deal on allstudyx you would be definitely happy for closing a better deal with someone known to you in your campus to whom you can trust.