6 Interview Mistakes That Waste Your Time And Efforts

6 Interview Mistakes: Job Killers, Waste of Your Time & Efforts

In today’s cutthroat competition when getting one suitable job is turning as a big task thus preparing right for the scheduled interview becomes important. You can’t bear to make mistakes to cut loose when a lot of other people are there better prepared for the interview.

Few silly mistakes you do can make or break your career and can affect your job aspirations for a long time so it becomes important to avert all expected mistakes which you can do. To make that possible it is important to know those prospect mistakes.

Few interview mistakes you better avert.

There are certain mistakes, which affect your job dreams badly. These mistakes cannot only miss one better opportunity but it also wastes a lot of your precious time while you are in the process of making your professional career. To save you from those mistakes it is important to know those mistakes first; here we can discuss few of those mistakes.

Casual Dress up:

It is said that the first impression is the last impression and when you visit some office for a job interview in jeans tee shirts and slippers you definitely making a negative impression for you. This is one general mistake people do when they go for an interview as they think to dress up doesn’t make big difference hence it does a lot. Though there is no fixed rule set for interview attire but formal dress up gives you perfect look for interview day.

Shirt and trousers with the tie and formal shoes give the best look for interview day and if you wear jacket above that it complete your look. Remember to select a sober color and decent design do not choose too shiny colors or informal dressing style.


Few people come for an interview just for the sake of giving interview hence they do not get bothered at all for interview etiquettes. They come in casuals they show informal attitude they do not prepare for what they are appeared for and leave a bad impression. They do not follow time or show respect to interview to their worst.

Do not respect time:

This is the another factor, which can make or break your impression in front of the interviewer in the very first meet. When you do not follow scheduled time it is considered you are careless as a person and cannot complete tasks in given time, which can hamper the productivity of your own as an individual and of the whole company. You can leave a positive impression in front of interviewer by adhering time limits and scheduled time for an interview or for any other task given by them. Be clear about the scheduled time and reach there before time so that you can rest for few minutes to face the interview.

Casual attitude:

Sometimes people follow all other rules like they appear for interview in formals, they come on time and follow all other steps but then they make the big mistake by taking interviewer and interview in a casual manner. They show such attitude that doesn’t care for this job or they know everything or such mistakes they do which can put a tab on job inspirations.

Do not research:

People generally appear for the interview without research about the company and job profile, which only make a bad impression. Always do thorough research about company and job profile before you appear for the interview. Know the company profile, know what company does, what product or service Company provides, get information about other information related to the company. Knowing your job profile is also one important aspect of this whole process. Know your responsibilities in detail and other necessary information related to your job profile.

Language problems:

People try to converse in that language (generally in English) to convince interviewer in which they don’t have command thus in spite of making a positive impression it all goes wrong. Remember always converse in that language in which you have sufficient command it will make you able to convey the things in the manner you want to share with the person who is taking your interview. Remember to take permission for that from the interviewer. If the English language is must then better take your time before you appear for the interview as going half or unprepared will give the results negative only.